Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shrek family cake in a mud bath for a 5yr. old

 Today's cake was from a repeat customer who was looking for something special for her niece's 5th birthday party. The birthday girl wanted a Shrek theme and she wanted to make sure Princess Fiona was somewhere on the cake. I was a bit intimidated with idea of creating the likeness of Shrek and Fiona but the birthday girl decided I should be up for the challenge because the little ogre triplets were added to the order. 

To make sure I could alter the faces easily to get the right likeness, I chose to create the family out of modelling chocolate. Yum! But....with this summer heat every time I tired to work on a figure, it would start to melt.  Many breaks were taken. The remainder of the decorations were made from fondant and gumpaste.

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