Monday, March 25, 2013

A dolphin family cake for a 3 yr. old

 Last weekend I got to create a fun cake for a lucky three year old. Dolphins were to be the theme and it was worked out with the client that I would make a four layer blue-colored vanilla cake with coconut flavoured buttercream. 

The cake was originally to serve twenty people but the number grew to 30. To be able to bake the cake with number of layers I needed without having any waste, I needed to custom make a couple of the cake pans. Below you can see how I used my larger 11"x17" cake pan and adjusted it with aluminum foil and a Silpat sheet rolled up on one of the sides. It worked out fantastically.

 The dolphins were made many days in advance out of sugar paste and propped on cake waves. I wasn't able to find a small enough gumpaste mold for the lettering so I made each letter by hand and sized it up with the help my printer.

You can view more photos of this cake on my Flickr

Photo courtesy of the client

All-in-all the cake turned out really well and I'm happy to say that I got a nice email from the client telling me the birthday girl loved it. Music to my ears.

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