Saturday, July 27, 2013

30th "Tigger" birthday cake

Today's custom cake is a two-tiered red velvet cake covered in fondant and topped with a handmade fondant "Tigger".

Done on short notice the cake proved to be a bit difficult to finish thanks to the heat. Luckily the cake was on the smaller side so I was able to finish sections of it before anything got too hot and unworkable.

The client picked up the cake and said she was thrilled with results. She had confided in me that she left the ordering of the cake a bit too late as everyone else she had asked was booked or unable to squeeze the cake in. I have found this to be the dilemma for most people inquiring about a cake. Pre-made cakes from the store are easy to come by and there is little time needed to order one. A custom per order cake takes time and planning and should be ordered at least a week in advance. I'm so happy that I was able to help make this birthday special for this Tigger fan.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finding Nemo "Squirt" birthday cake for a one-year old

The latest cake order I had was so much fun! This order was for a little boys first birthday and I was to make a 3D "Squirt" turtle Cale in red velvet along with 6 large fondant decorated turtle cupcakes and 50 mini buttercream covered cupcakes in the shape turtles. This order took quite a bit of planning but I'm really thrilled with how it turned out.

When the client picked up the cake she seemed happy with what I created and it just so happened that they were holding the birthday party at where I work my day job. Later I was able to talk to the server who did the party and see if everyone liked the cake. My co-worker's eyes went big and she said,"You made that cake?! I took pictures of it because I've never seen a cake like that before." Nice! I asked if there were any leftovers and she told me, "No. I was hoping she would leave me a little cupcake but she didn't." My kids complained of the same thing.

Happy 1st birthday Joshua. I had fun making your cake.